by pup couture, 28th of March 2021

cool dog names

Cool dog names

Now that you got a new puppy love and you want to pick the perfect name ? don’t panic , we got you covered . here is for you a list of tips that will help you find cool dog names and pick the best one for your puppy.

Observe your pet

The name should reflect your dog’s personality. So observe your dog’s attitude and energy for a couple of days and choose a name that reflect his personality. See if he is the needy type, playful, calm energetic …You can even base the name in his color, for example if your dog is white you could call him snow , if he is brown you could call him caramel.

Choose a name that ends with a vowel

It is easier to get your dog’s attention when you call them with a name that end with a vowel. They distinguish frequency ranges more than we do. So anything like Rossi, lucky, Taco works perfectly.

Go for a two-syllable name

If the name is too long, your dog will have difficulties understanding it. Also think about how difficult and annoying to scream a long name over and over

Think about the future

Keep in mind that your puppy will grow at some point.  Thus, pick a name that would be suitable at any age for your dog.

Think of a theme

Maybe you love old people’s names like Albert or Eugenia. You can also trigger your memory, think of your childhood and the names of your favourite street, holidays destination or your hometown. It could be your favourite food : Lemon , bagel , bacon …By digging deep into these themes you might find the coolest name for your dog.

Use a name generator

Cool dog names are found on name generators like mydogsname , could be very helpful. You can choose a style of name you like ( friendly , elegant…) , the gender and a theme ( music , mythical , games …) and they generate potential names for you.

Get inspired from what is out there

Look out examples and name ideas. You can check here the list of the most trendy dog names of this year.Names like Bella, Luna and max are one of the most popular.

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