Pup Couture, 28th march 2021

Yes dog clothing is super cute and cool, but is it healthy for dogs?

whether or not you should dress your dog is controversial. While some think it might be uncomfortable for the dog, dressing your dog could be extremely beneficial. Many dog owners have noticed their dog shivering because of mild temperatures, therefore they have been dressing them. According to vets in PETMD , there is certainly no harm in clothing your dog.  

Even though dogs have their own external layering system, some dogs have a lighter layer of fur and may not be genetically suited for some extreme cold temperatures. Thus, some dogs may be uncomfortable in some weather and might require extra protection. Yes, it is good to dress your dog, however it is important to choose cautiously the outfits and ban certain fabrics and sizes that could be harmful.

What type of dogs need it the most?

If your dog loves going outside to the rain and snow in the winter , having a jacket and sweater could help protecting him. This also valid for people that like keeping their home home heating low and depended rather on blankets and sweaters.

The breed, the size and the age are all factors that need to be taken into consideration to know how warm a dog is able to keep himself. Therefore , a thicker sweater is recommended for smaller , light bodies breeds and thin and short hair breeds. A good sweater can really increase their wellbeing in cold weather.

When it comes to older dogs or dogs with a weak immune system or that suffer from disease like , Cushing’s diseasehypothyroidism they need the extra protection provided by a sweater.

For dogs with dense hair coats like Siberian Husky, Malamute, and Saint Bernard breeds , wearing extra layers is not recommended. As they are genetically conceived to survive extreme weather, wearing coats is not needed for them. An extra layer of dog clothing is not only uncomfortable for them but it could also cause a physical overheating. In that case , they could be styled by accessories like glasses or collars but not coats.

So yes you could style your dog but keep in mind his comfort , personality and needs.

How to choose the perfect dog clothing

First thing to consider in dog clothing is the material. One of the warmest material is while wool as it is one of the best insulating. However, one down side in that it can be itchy and thus be uncomfortable for the dog. The best option is to find a mixture of washable wool and cotton or acrylic.

Second thing to view is the size and fitting. We recommend you measure your dog just like we do for humans. So it needs to fit enough and prevent the dog from easily pulling it off but at the same time you need to make sure that it is not too tight.

Where you need to measure is around the neck, distance for neck to waist and around largest part of the chest. Weighting your dog could also help. Also do not hesitate to try the clothes first on the dog and return them if there is a problem. Check the mobility of the dog and how the clothing fits around his arm and armpit area. The dog should be able to be free in his movement.

Another important point is that you cannot make your dog wear pants.

Make sure that the piece of dog clothing contains no chewable material like zippers , hooks , tags . For the sweaters where you can attach the leash , these items are only wearable under owner supervision . Once the dog id left alone, they should be removed.

Lastly , have fun with your dog. as long as you respect the safety measures and recommendation , you are good to go. Pick your coolest puppy outfits here . It is all about the love and the special attention you give to your pet.

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